Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kenzo Murals

I used to live in Kenzington, and used to spend a shitload of time feeling sorry for myself. It was winter and thats what I do when its cold. Cold is cold. Regardless if its Midwest freezing or Philly mild, the seasonal depression still hits. Al Burian wrote about Chicago winters being the most soul-crushing thing to experience. In Burn Collector number 10 he wrote the wind chill turns you to "a blood and brain popsicle". That imagery has stuck with me all this time. I did this in my Kenzo bedroom to cheer myself up.

I brought with me an old stencil from a mural I did at Tini Martini in Chicago, and just kind of revamped it.

The mural was commissioned through my friend Jillian Valentino, and I could only work on it while the club was open. Which SUCKED.

Here's the rest of the Tini Martini mural from the opening party.

The pictures are by my old friend Clayton of EveryoneIsFamous.

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