Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome Home

My once-friend Joe and I did this window for Una Mae's in Chicago.
For a good time, try spray-painting in a narrow and enclosed store window during a Chicago summer, it truly is the way to go.

Una Mae's is huge now, having moved on up to the proverbial "east side".
Its now closer to Damen Milwaukee Ave in a store 4 times its size.
I recently got Space 1026 a show in Chicago at this years Version Fest.
We drove out there and put together an amazing show in an amazingly small amount of time.
I came up with the idea of "Home", blending together the nature of Space and its role in our lives as members. The conceptual root of it being my return to the city I was born and raised in, calling home 19 years out of my 24.
It was nice to see my friends, have them hug me and say "Welcome home".
It meant a lot, so I brought that with me to the table when we were brainstorming what the fuck we were gonna do in a gallery a lot bigger than we had anticipated.

The idea of home is a strange notion anyway, I have no real sense of permanence in general, like "running till I run out of road" style.
Its nice to know Chicago is there, that it will always be the same, or slightly better.
My friends have dogs, beds on bedframes not floors, records on shelves not milkcrates, and the kid who used to hook me up at Kinko's is now the manager.
Things are looking up.

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